Once, I was on the other side of the convention table. 

We chose to homeschool our two children when the oldest was three, and we were in the market for homeschool products. We needed curriculum, manipulatives, maps, books, workbooks and all kinds of supplies to carry us from preschool to high school.

The first thing I did was head to a homeschooling convention. Wow, there were a lot of choices, and I ultimately narrowed down my selection based on how well the various companies promoted their products.

Our home education journey was amazing, but not without its challenges. We tried many different products, sometimes even altering our entire course within a single school year.

The experience gained from teaching my own children for nearly two decades, plus the insights gathered from being a part of several homeschool groups puts me in the unique position to help you market your products and services directly to the group seeking them.

Now that our children are continuing their education in college, I am thrilled to be able to help you with your goals of selling to today’s homeschool market.

Hi! I’m Beverly Matoney.

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